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The inevitability of loss is a part of life and something we all must face at some time in our lives. For adults young, middle-aged and older, who have experienced death of a loved one or spouse; breakup of relationship or divorce; job loss or major life change event; life altering diagnosis or chronic illness.


Some transitions or significant life-changing events are listed below. You may find it helpful to review the list and reflect on any of these changes that may have occurred in your life during the past twelve months and the feelings or behaviors you have experienced as a result.

  • Death of a significant other or close family member

  • Separation from significant other

  • Divorce

  • Marriage

  • Relocation

  • Being fired or losing your job

  • Birth of a child

  • Health crisis of self or close family member

  • Retirement


These are only some of the major transitions in life that may have affected you in either a negative or positive way. Some require an adjustment and the development of new behaviors and new habits.


Coaching with Gwen offers a place to explore and to confront those issues that may be facing you, with help. Through conversation and the use of helping tools, you will learn and develop ways to cope.


The gift of life with all its joy and splendor is in the moment at hand. Now it is ours to relish and enjoy; now it is ours to cherish and to hold, but only for the moment.  

- Adolfo Quezada

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